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Spyware and virus repair

An ever growing concern to many people is the annoyance of spyware and viruses, which are often downloaded silently from the internet.  They are either slowing down or corrupting around 90% of computers that have access to the internet and in many cases threatening the security of our personal and sensitive data.

The importance of identifying and removing spyware and viruses is critical because of the damage that can be caused to a computer.


For example:  If your connection to the internet is through your telephone line (dial-up) you are potentially at risk of extremely high call costs.  Periodic maintenance is the only way to ensure a computer is at minimum risk to this kind of damage.


Effects that can be caused by a virus or spyware:

Computer crash, freeze or stops responding

Computer slowing down

Undesirable pop-ups

Un-accountable high telephone bill

Web pages taking a long time to load

Other issues that are not listed here?


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